The trail

Starting from the mill you can have a nice walk on the trail along the Cesano river, approximately 2 kilometers long, also suitable for bikes. The path is clearly indicated by signs and is off main roads.
During different season you can admire violets, brooms, camomile flowers and run into blackberries and blooming trees.
During the summer, when the river is low, you can cross it to reach Monte Porzio park on the other side to walk along a longer trail.

The garden

In the space around the mill many trees were planted, each one identified by a small sign. Walking around the mill you can observe the trees and their features, especially valued through guided activities for kids.
Here below, a few images of some of the flowers and fruits you can see walking around the mill during different season.

Persimmon tree

Almond tree

Quince tree

Annurca apple tree


Red and white mulberry tree

Plum tree

Sour cherry tree


Strawberry tree

Pear tree

Persimmon apple tree

Latest update: May 19th, 2016