In times like these, when too many people are closing down their activities, someone decided to open for free an historic building where the basic products for the survival of our territory were once produced: flour, oil and wine.

In the heart of Le Marche, in one of Corinaldo's hamlets, Madonna del Piano, there is a piece of cultural/historic heritage that is only waiting to be discovered by curious visitors. They will be brought back in time in an era when life was ceirtanly harder but also less chaotic and maybe more peaceful.

The Patregnani and Sabbatini families that inherited the complex, recently decided to dust down the mill and the olive-press, abandoned for many years but that once were a reference point for the surrounding territory.


First of all to do justice to the farmers world which we all come from and towards which we should feel grateful. And also, to create a precious opportunity for young people to get to know a world that also represents their own roots.

In the collection rooms you will be able to admire those grindstones, dating back as far as the Middle Ages, that transformed the rural products into wheat flour, maize flour and barley flour, thanks to the strength of the water drifted from the Cesano river.

And you will have the chance to discover how the cold pressing of olives was made.

Another room is dedicated to show how the equipment to turn grapes into wine worked.

And at the end of this time trip, the quiet of the countryside awaits the visitors for a nice walk to the river, a bike tour or a simple nap on the green grass.

In the video below, images from the very first guided tour inside he collection, right after the press conference that inaugurated the place, on the 1st of May 2013 (subtitles hopefully coming soon).

Maria Angela shows the rooms and machineries where her father Vinnico worked for so many years, along with his brother Guido.

April 2013